Sexually Abused by a Member of the California Catholic Clergy?

Don’t suffer in silence: Your abuser’s name may be on our list of California accused priests.
Sexual predators within the Catholic Church need to be held accountable for their abominable actions, and you deserve the right to closure and compensation for your suffering. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation case evaluation and to learn more about your legal options in filing a civil suit against your abuser.


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California Catholic Clergy Scandal

Decades of Childhood Sexual Abuse
California is a well-known location of numerous child sex abuse scandals. But, little to many know that a large number of these scandals have come out of California's Catholic Churches. In the last decade, 10 dioceses in California have released massive lists naming members of the Catholic clergy credibly accused of sexually abusing children.
So far, around 6,000 priests, nuns, deacons, and volunteers have been identified for molesting innocent children. However, few to none of these names were ever reported to the police or people who could actually bring these crimes to justice. In fact, in many of these cases, the Catholic Church deliberately hid the tracks of "predator priests" through quiet transfers or retirements. Alone, the L.A. Archdiocese has paid around $740 million in settlements to clergy abuse victims.
Ten of California's dioceses have released lists of priests credibly accused of sexual abuse: Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Diocese of San Bernardino, Diocese of Orange, Diocese of San Diego, Diocese of Fresno, Diocese of Sacramento, Diocese of San Jose, Diocese of Oakland, Archdiocese of San Francisco, and Diocese of Stockton. Each of these lists reveal varying details about cases of childhood sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, with many of the cases dating back to the early 1900s. So far, a combined total of 757 names of clergy accused of abuse have been named by California dioceses.
The horror stories of priests, deacons, teachers, and nuns abusing innocent children under their care has shocked the world and shed light on the reality of child sex abuse in the Catholic Church. In 2007, a massive California clergy abuse case ended in a $660 million settlement over claims of sexual abuse committed by over 220 members of the California Catholic Church. More abuse stories are uncovered every day as victims find their abusers' names on lists released by California Catholic dioceses.
The Catholic Church has harmed survivors of sexual abuse with their lack of transparency, perpetuating the suffering of victims across California. With the release of abusers' names and recent changes in California law, survivors have a new chance to seek justice for their abuse.  
Survivors: now is the time to come forward. Pursue justice for your abuse before it's too late. 
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List of Catholic Clergy Accused of Sexual Abuse

Accused of Child Sex Abuse
Search through our list of Catholic Clergy Members credibly accused of sex abuse in California.
Last NameFirst NameYear of OrdinationDate of DeathStatus
BabkaRobert H.19682013Removed from ministry; deceased
BeckmanDcn. Carl1986Removed from ministry
BeineJames A.1967Removed from ministry; laicized
BrinkmanDon G.1967Removed from ministry
CampbellJohn R.1958Removed from ministry
CampbellMichael A.1979Removed from ministry
ChristianNorman H.19612004Removed from ministry; deceased
CooperThomas T.19552003Removed from ministry; deceased
CreasonHubert E.19582006Removed from ministry; deceased
FitzgeraldAlfred J.1966Removed from ministry
FunkeJames A.1974Removed from ministry; laicized
GhioJohn J.1980Removed from ministry
GoellnerGlennon J.19502007Removed from ministry; deceased
GrahamThomas J.1960Removed from ministry;
GummersbachJames L.19542014Removed from ministry; deceased
HeckDonald H.19632015Removed from ministry; deceased
HedermanKevin F.1975Removed from ministry
HeierVincent A.1977Removed from ministry; retired
HuhnBernard19522000Ministry restricted; deceased
HummelDcn. Fred1986Removed from ministry; laicized
JohnstonRobert F.1962Removed from ministry;
KaskeJohn J.1956Removed from ministry; laicized
KelleyWilliam A.19772013Removed from ministry; deceased
KopffMarvin C.19632006Removed from ministry; deceased
KucharBryan M.1993Removed from ministry; laicized
LessardJoseph P.19522014Removed from ministry; deceased
LippertAlexander W.19562000Removed from ministry; deceased
McGrathMichael1974Removed from ministry; laicized
MarschnerAloysius J.19362004Ministry restricted; deceased
McClintockDennis J.1973Removed from ministry; laicized
ObmannRussell19512000Removed from ministry; deceased
O'BrienJoseph M.19572012Removed from ministry; deceased
PavlikJames J.19632015Removed from ministry; deceased
RehmeAlbert A.19562012Removed from ministry; deceased
RossJoseph D.1969Removed from ministry; laicized
SchierhoffLawrence C.19522008Removed from ministry; laicized
SeidelMichael L.1987Removed from ministry; laicized
StraubDonald J.1975Removed from ministry; laicized
TooheyMichael W.1967Removed from ministry; laicized
ValentineLeroy1977Removed from ministry
WestrichKeith M.1981Removed from ministry
WolkenGary P.1993Removed from ministry; laicized
YimRobert J.1974Removed from ministry; laicized
ZacheisDennis B.1975Removed from ministry
GalovichGeorge W.19712012Deceased
FerraroRomano J.1960Removed from ministry; laicized
FrobasVictor A.19661993Removed from ministry; laicized; deceased
LenczyckiFrederick1972Removed from ministry; laicized
RobertsKenneth J.19662018Removed from ministry; deceased
StauberJames F.19592010Removed from ministry; deceased
GradyJames P.1977Removed from ministry; laicized
HessJohn P.1983Removed from ministry
VatterottWilliam F.2003Removed from ministry; laicized

California Law Opens New Chance for Justice

On October 13, 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill into law that opened up new opportunities for past survivors of sexual abuse to pursue justice for their abuse. Assembly Bill (AB) 218 not only extended the age and discovery limit for filing sexual abuse claims, but it also opened a three-year look back window for past victims to file claims. 
This new look back window completely removes the statute of limitations for sexual abuse for three years. Within this three-year period, California sexual abuse survivors can revive old claims that may have been deemed "ineligible" under old statute of limitations. The three-year look back window started January 1, 2020 and ends January 1, 2023.
Because of AB 218, California victims have already found victory in the courts over past abuse cases. In 2020, John BR Doe was awarded $1.9 million after the Archdiocese of Los Angeles was found liable for failing to protect children from predator priests. Doe was sexually abused from 1982-1984 while he was an altar boy at San Gabriel Mission Church.

Attorneys Fighting for Survivors

Of Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse
If you or a loved one was abused as a minor by a member of the Catholic clergy, call our sex abuse attorneys today for a free, confidential consultation. We advocate for the rights of clergy abuse victims.
Our attorneys want you to know that you are not alone in recovering from the trauma of abuse. We’re here to aggressively protect and defend your rights during this difficult time. Our California sex abuse lawyers dedicate extensive experience and resources to support survivors of sexual abuse throughout their recovery processes. While we understand the crimes of the past cannot be reversed, we know that financial compensation can considerably help with recovery, treatment, and healing from sexual abuse.
We pursue civil damages from your abuser and the Catholic Church to:
Ensure abusers won't have the opportunity to prey on children again
Hold them accountable for their negligence
Recover financial compensation to help in your journey towards healing.
“We don’t have to be in the shadows, and we don’t have to hide in our rooms anymore. We can look outside and see sunshine.”

- John BR Doe, Survivor of Clergy Abuse in California

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Too late for Me to Sue My Abuser?

It depends on your age or the age when you discovered or confronted your memories of abuse. Each state has different statutes of limitations, allowing some survivors to file a complaint years after the abuse occurred. California recently changed their statute of limitations on sexual abuse, so it is important to get a case review immediately before deadlines pass. 

Is My Call and Information Kept Confidential?

Yes. We understand the difficulty in reaching out for help, and we protect the information you share with us. We realize that it can be frightening acknowledging and describing the abuse you endured, and we want you to be assured that your conversation with us is confidential. To protect your identity, cases may be filed anonymously, as well.

Do I Qualify to File a

Each case is unique, so every case must be examined carefully before any legal advice can be given. However, you will not be denied a free, confidential consultation. Call our representatives today, and they can walk you through the process and help you pursue the justice you rightly deserve.

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